Sunday, February 15, 2009

Randomization of scalar variables -- System Verilog

In VERA/NTB to randomize a set of variables we need to have variables in the class add constraints/ in-line constraints to randomize the variables. More over the variables have to be of type rand or randc Assume we have a requirement to randomize a set of variables outside a class with a set of constraints. We have the option of using random(),urandom() or urandom_range() and randomize the variables separately. When we use the above listed random methods we can not randomize a variable based on another variable.

System verilog has an option of randomizing scalar variables out side a class with constraints.


integer a,b,c;
void'( std::randomize(a,b,c) with { a==b;b>0;c==10; } );

The above construct generates random values for a,b,c the constraint is provided in line. The variables a,b,c are out side the class scope.

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