Friday, February 21, 2014

Mirrors in UVM RAL !!!

RAL mirrors are shadow location of the DUT registers that are updated when RAL read or write methods are accessed from the test bench  , RAL mirror give the user test bench access to the register values for synchronizing test bench events without reading the DUT register. If the DUT internally modifies the content of any field or register through its normal operations (e.g., by setting a status bit or incrementing an accounting counter), the mirrored value becomes outdated. Memory are not mirrored in UVM RAL.RAL mirror value can be set using mirror() method , Mirror value can be updated to the DUT using update() method. At any point of time mirror value can be got using the get() method. set() method can be used to set the mirror value to DUT , the value actually written only when update() method is called.