Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Usage of uvm_resource_db & uvm_config_db !!!

Both uvm_config_db and uvm_resource_db share the same underlying database to store and retrieve information. Infact you can write a value to the database using uvm_config_db ::set() method and retrieve the information using uvm_resource_db::read_by_name().  The recommended method is to use uvm_config_db when hierarchical   based access is required.  When you want to share object and access it from different location without using the hierarchy you can use uvm_resource_db.

You can set a resource to the resource db using the uvm_resource_db::set()  method


uvm_resource_db# (int)::set("enable","*",1,this);

To retrieve the information from the resource db you can use uvm_resource_db::read_by_name() method


   Bit success;


      `uvm_error("ERROR","cannot locate the resource ");