Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Infact coverage convergence tool !!!

To start with infact tools features; infact is a graph based tool which generates the random values and traverse through the various predefined paths through graph algorithm. It uses a complimentary technology to a constraint solver (i.e) a graph algorithm. The tool has to be inputted with graph rules which will be processed by the tool to generate all possible combination of the rules. There are no redundant values or combinations generated. The unique value is generated across multiple parallel runs on server farm. We need to provide the tool with all possible combinations. The tool can work with any language say verilog, vhdl, vera, ntb, specmen, system verilog & C++ . Infact tool communicates with simulator through a PLI call. Existing constraint random code needs to be represented as a graph rule and the infact tool will generate the random values.