Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What make a verification team great !!!

Move with the industry trend

Verification keeps moving at a very fast pace, great verification teams move with the advancements very fast and implement those in the projects to reap the benefits. Ordinary teams stay with the old ways of doing things.

Knowledge sharing

The most important aspect for a verification team to become a great team is to share the knowledge they gained with the entire team improving the overall efficiency of the team.

Take the entire team with you

Most important aspect in managing and staging advance verification techniques in the project is the ability of the members to take the entire team with them. Ordinary teams follow the decision of the most powerful person in the team; great teams take a collaborative decision.

Risk taking

To implement or adopt new verification trends the team should be able to take calculated risk. If the risk taking ability is not there then it points to an ordinary team.

Expect the unexpected

One of the attributes of the great verification team is to expect the unexpected result during an adoption to a new trend and successfully overcome it. Ordinary verification teams back out when the unexpected behavior happens.