Monday, July 11, 2011

Using a verification methodology to solve a verification problem !!!

Few problems that i always come across with verification methodology users is limited knowledge on what the methodology can offer and lack of effort on their side to update them self on the new features of the methodology. Once they are presented a verification problem to be solved using a verification methodology they come up with a solution based on their limited knowledge of the methodology. The solution they come up is exactly not the best solution that the methodology can offer. User manual / reference guide of a methodology can only educate you on the features the methodology can offer. Ultimately taking a decision on what features to use under what circumstance is totally left to the users of the methodology. This is where I find many people making mistakes starting from a simple noncompliance to a major architectural mistake. Once such types of mistakes are done the code eventually becomes an excess baggage that needs to be carried and maintained for the rest of the project life span.